New Magico A1 Bookshelf Speakers!

Has anyone seen, heart or read a review on Magico's new A1 bookshelf speakers?

Magico's site states the speakers start shipping Q3 '19 ... so next month at the latest?

The speakers are going to be prices at $7,400.  The last bookshelf speakers by Magico were more than $20,000.  

Could this be a game changer for those of us looking for the ultimate bookshelf?
They are solid aluminum and weigh 45 lb.

Does anyone have more intel to share?

Just caught a glimpse of these online as well. Very interesting, wonder how they would compare to the more expensive (and older) Q1s?
As someone who produces a $7K pair of speakers out of carbon fiber I am going to do some competitive intel at Capital Audiofest.  Argument is a rising tide raises all ships so having them promote interest in this price point will help me and Raidho and a few others that produce great speakers at this price point as it will help normalize it.  Not that many people are willing to consider stand-mounts for $7K+.   

I would expect these to be like the A3's, very good but will likely fall well short of "ultimate".   You want ultimate, give the Kaiser Chiara's a listen next time you are in NYC.  Those are probably the best standmount's in the world but at $22K, ouch!
I agree that the A1 will be similar to the A3s given same components.

Further reading - Magico's A line is not the "ultimate" nor intended .... however the A3 have been extremely well received.  Magico is also adding a center channel and sub to the A line.

I've never heard of the Kaiser Chiara.  They look impressive.  A two-way with a passive base (radiator) in the back?  How does that work when placed close to a wall?

The Magico A1 is fully enclosed (no port) and can be placed stand free which makes it attractive to me.

At the size, price point  and required stand mount of the Chiara Wilson's Duette II fall right there. 

Have you ever demo's Wilson and Chiara side by side?  Could be a great listen.