New Magico A1 Bookshelf Speakers!

Has anyone seen, heart or read a review on Magico's new A1 bookshelf speakers?

Magico's site states the speakers start shipping Q3 '19 ... so next month at the latest?

The speakers are going to be prices at $7,400.  The last bookshelf speakers by Magico were more than $20,000.  

Could this be a game changer for those of us looking for the ultimate bookshelf?
They are solid aluminum and weigh 45 lb.

Does anyone have more intel to share?

The best stand mount I have auditioned so far was the TAD ME1. However, it is 2X the cost of what I would like to pay for a stand mount ($15K with stands).
I don’t know about "ultimate bookshelf." I would still consider the KEF Reference 1 the reference (no pun intended) at this price range given it’s mseasurements. Magico, whether intentionally or not, still have narrow directivity at the crossover region with their speakers, likely because they don’t use waveguides. I would expect a product at Magico’s price ranges to at least have directivity issues resolved.

So you're saying that Magico has "narrow directivity at the crossover region" and this causes issues with their speakers?

Do you have references here?  

Every review I've read on Magico speakers have been game changing.
Focal makes amazing speakers.  

However their bookshelf speakers (Sopra nd Utopia) are huge!

Their sheer size does not work for me.