New Magico Speaker the Q3

Well am sure this speaker is well out of my price range but it looks pretty nice. Does anyone know what the retail price is?


Specs (use need to scroll over the picture to see the specs)
I'll spread the speculation that I have heard: low $30K's. Should be announced at CES.
34k would be less than I was expecting. Magico is a pretty interesting brand at the moment with aggressive product development. I think it will only help them as a company but could hurt them too.

How long was the V3 out before the Q3 came out?
the Q3 looks very interesting to me but I have a big concern:

looking at the inner pictures of the Q5 & Q3 one can see all this aluminium pieces with littles holes ... are these for screws that are fixing it together ?

if they are using screws to fix the parts together how can they be sure that these screws won't suffer suffer under the vibrations and become sooner or later loose ???