new Magico speakers the Q5

seen on their Website
I've heard the Magico V2 and Mini II. I was not impressed by the Mini, but maybe the rest of the system was not well matched. At the same dealership in a different room and with completely different equipment, the V2 was simply stunning. I think $18K is a lot for a pair of speakers, but relative to a good analog front end plus phono stage, $18K seems reasonable for that level of quality. My point is that value is relative and enjoyment is subjective. And Magico has arrived in the marketplace with a bang. They are certainly doing something right.
Roypan, you misunderstand me, I think. I'm not talking 'marketing' in the traditional sense of media advertising. I don't know anyone that buys hi-fi based on glossy advertisements. I'm actually talking about the Company's marketing strategy - how they position products in the market and how to use their brand reputation established through the audio reviewing community.

The bottom line is that this audio reviewing community pretty well determines for the industry what is a fair price for a product. A pair of speakers lists at 100k, the magazines and on-line audio reviewers rave about it and declare it worth every cent, and the market credibility of the speakers at 100k is established. Companies then need to use the reputation thus established, to generate their profit. I think Magico have an ideal strategy in this regard.

I'm not criticising Magico for their marketing strategy in releasing a speaker 30k below their top model, and then being able to 'market' them as superb value with the claim that 'trickle-down' technology delivers 95% of the sound of the M5. (This is purely an example, by the way - I don't know how Magico are positioning the Q5 in the market.)

I have clearly offended you and I therefore assume you are a Magico owner. As I said, my opinions regarding the sound of two modeels of the Magico are purely subjective. I'm not commenting in any way way about "the majority of audiophiles community, all over the world" as you ask. I can only be sure of my own impressions based on my listening compared to some other similarly priced speakers. They didn't do it for me regardless of the fact that "the majority of audiophiles community all over the world" suggest they should have. My loss? ....Perhaps...
I listened to V3 and M5's speakers and the sound was like I was listening to music through speakers. I was very disappointed based on all the reviews and hoopla on boards such as this.

I think that you are giving Wolf and company to much "marketing" clout. Magico is/was a boot strapping company. Do you really think that Wolf was sitting in his shop thinking it will be a good idea to charge $30K for two way? The products Wolf built was sought-after, not the other way around. You completely miss the value proposition of a Magico speakers. I have tried , in many prior posts, to point out that a 300LBS + machined aluminum plates, do cost more than 1000LBS of MDF (Or Material X or M or whatever). Same for the woofers XO parts and even stacks birch ply. But why confuse people with facts?
Roypan, you are correct - I do completely miss the value proposition of the Magico. I listened, I didn't like. End of story for me. If that's how 300lbs+ of machined aluminium sounds, then I'm happy to miss the value proposition. And I think you are underestimating Magico in terms of their market strategy and their business savvy. Like their speakers or not, one cannot argue that Magico have made some very smart business decisions in terms of where they want their products to be positioned.

The only fact that matters to me is that I didn't like the sound of the V3's or the Minis. I hope that this fact doesn't confuse you or anyone else that might happen accross this thread!

I wanted only to express my subjective opinion in terms of these speakers. I hadn't realised such offence would be taken, so apologies for that. I hope you continue to enjoy them.