New Maplenoll Ariadne owner needing advice

I have recently purchased a maplenoll ariadne. I have tried to learn a little about the table but find very little information. I know the table was discontinued in the 90's but the little i have found indicated it is a very good table. I am interested to learn if there are any tricks or problems to optimizing this table. As most of you probably know, it is an air bearing platter and tonearm. I plan on putting my zxy airy 3 on the arm once I get it set up.
Charlie---good question that i am not 100% sure that it can be. Some of the information on various forums based on actual discussions with Dilger would suggest difficulty in doing it. In fact one string suggested that dilger had many of the plates originally produce and the reject rate was tremendous because of warping and trueness. Others have warned about cracking during polishing or grinding of a slightly warped plate. Talking to the machine shop that trued my platter(just recieved it today), he says he can handle it. His work on the platter was exceptional. I mounted it tonite and wow, it looks sharp. I have noticed an improvement in background noise with this table compared to my other ariadne.
Again, back to your original question, i will be able to report back in a few weeks on its success or not. The ones i have are not severely warped so the shop feels that a hard polishing will true up the platter. They have experience with lots of different materials including ceramics so they feel they can handle it. I will also have the shop bore 8 air ports on the platter. I will develop a plate that will install on the bottom to serve as an airplenum that will feed the 8 ports. The holes will be in two concentric circles to cover the entire width of the bearing surface.
Tom, I have a feeling you will be sucessful. I look forward to viewing some shots of the plates when they have been refirbished. All the best.
original owners manual....i have an original owners manual if your my old system i had 2 maplenoll signature tt,s with the 100 pound platters.
chetatkins--do you still spin them, or have you moved on. Seems a lot of maplenoll owners move on to other players. I enjoy tweaking and the compressor issue does not bother me since i have optimized it. I have the owners manual from this last purchase.
i kinda got out of the audio scene for a while and sold the tables.the condo where i used to live is still vibrating from the bass output of the maplenoll table.thunder.LOL