New Maplenoll Ariadne owner needing advice

I have recently purchased a maplenoll ariadne. I have tried to learn a little about the table but find very little information. I know the table was discontinued in the 90's but the little i have found indicated it is a very good table. I am interested to learn if there are any tricks or problems to optimizing this table. As most of you probably know, it is an air bearing platter and tonearm. I plan on putting my zxy airy 3 on the arm once I get it set up.
chetatkins--do you still spin them, or have you moved on. Seems a lot of maplenoll owners move on to other players. I enjoy tweaking and the compressor issue does not bother me since i have optimized it. I have the owners manual from this last purchase.
i kinda got out of the audio scene for a while and sold the tables.the condo where i used to live is still vibrating from the bass output of the maplenoll table.thunder.LOL
Oilman , Try Meguiars "Quik" interior detailer on all parts I formerly recommended. Lightyears ahead. Makes the 'Noll float & glide like never before. Silkey feel especially the edges of the bearing plates. Very quite operation. All from a spray or two of Meguiars. Just spray & gently polish with any lint-free cloth.
Readers : I am re-assembling the Ari-Noll. The outboard motor will come later as will a different tonearm. I have reopened some cut-outs to accept the motor & electrical components. Sota commerical vibration/insulation strips surround the motor dampening it down tobe near inaudable. All the rubber including the gromets have been re-placed a second time with a softer rubber compound. The tonearm has been re-wired with Cardas 33 ga. Next, I will re-tube , attach the PSI gages and attach the Air Control System that has been sucessfully tested to 50 PSI , 4/5 PSI to the platter, the remaining to the air bearing for the tonearm. Much to do before play time.
Update: Another round of tests of the electrical system & air control system have been completed. No leaks and all are fuctioning at or beyond my expectations. The tonearm is operating with a silky feel; the air bearings spin as never before. No one I approached had any interest in developing a retro-fit of the air bearing plates so I'm stuck with the center pin system. Because of that, the free spin rate has limits unless that technical issue can be resolved. 8" diameter is just that not 11". Perhaps I am within "shouting distance or less" to the mega-buck spin rates but limitations to do with the initial air bearing design will await to be conquered by another. The rebalancing of the lead platter increases the spin rate at the cost of a ounce or so of lead: No big deal. I feel assured the spin rate is greater now than when Ari was "stock" 'Noll.

The re-painting of the exterior air manifold and several selected parts improves the over-all finish & look. I have a feeling that when one views those pics , the black-on-white or the black-on-grey specks ,era will be replaced with professional re-painting.

This 'Noll has been inspected; cleaned , damped , sanded , balanced, parts replaced or re-manufactured , re-wired & polished as required. The table has had a complete make-over from the-inside-out.

The above was accomplished after collecting 20+years of reviews , comments, interviews and DIY suggestions: Reading and re-reading applying every useful suggestion I could gleam from the written page. And, may I say judgement calls by yours truly.

Soon I will know if all of this was worth the effort. I won't hold back whatever the outcome.