New McIntosh amp build quality

I've been doing some research on the new MC 275 Mark VI. I've only heard the amp for a few minutes. I thought the 275 sounded nice. On another thread, a person stated the new Macs are not built as well as the older ones and in fact said the build was "shoddy" compared to pervious years. Just curious how owners of newer Mac amps feel about the build quality vs the old ones. Maybe a Mark V is a better option. I'm not looking for alternative brands...I have that info that is a mile long. Specifically the build (and sound) of new 275's (or new Mac amps in general) vs older versions. 

I have KEF Reference 5 speakers.  I went to the other end of the amp spectrum and am now powering them with Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks. 

I thought about adding another MC275 to get the additional power I wanted while keeping the smooth sound they made, but with a tube pre (C1100) and tube phono, my room was already getting a bit warm in the summer. 
I agree with roadsterlover. I also had a pair of MC275 VI's hocked up as monos. No problems whatsoever but I do prefer 2 to one. I now have two MC2301 mono's which I love even more.
One other thing to consider is that the 75 wpc rating is conservative.  They are closer to 90 wpc in stereo and 180 wpc in mono.
Yes, I have very efficient speakers (Zu Omen Defs at 101 db), so one would be all I need. However, two would really look good :)