New Mcintosh C-22

At the place of purchasing a new C-22. Will be first Mcintosh piece and wondering what owners of this piece have experienced? Realize that numerous factors come into affect, cables, speakers, amplifiers, but thoughts and experiences would be appreciated, Thanks.
I can't speak to the C-22, but I have been happily using a C220 for about 6 years.  Many Mac preamp owners have had good results from upgrading the tubes.  I replaced the stock tubes with Mullard reissues (~$40 per pair), and got smoother sound, lower noise, and an expanded soudstage.  And I absolutely love the functionality of my C220, which is not as extensive as the C-22.  I would guess you will enoy your purchase a great deal.
I recently purchased an NOS (New Old Stock) Mcintosh C2500 full function Pre-amp.  If the C-22 performs the same, it's a winner. My C2500 has reacted to tube rolling really nicely and has make a HUGE improvement in my overall systems performance.  Like you, it is my first Mcintosh piece and now I am kicking myself for not buying a Mc pre sooner. The C2500, being of a newer design may have more features, internal DAC and two Phono section but that is just fluff but for me it's all about how it has taken my entire system to the next level.  Also when I compared product at or near the same price range the Mcintosh, offered more bang for the buck.  
I had a McIntosh C2300 and now a C1100. I really like the retro looks of the C22. Paired with a MC275 or MC75 you would have a very modern system that truly looks retro.
I appreciate all the feedback, opinions and experiences of what everyone has shared. Many Thanks. 
If it matters to you, I believe that Mac has discontinued the C22.  But double check on that with Mac.