New "Media" Room Advise needed

After years of reading the many good posts, I find I am in need of advise from those who have more experience.

I have a dedicated Home theater room which I am very happy with, that has a very Heavy emphasis on room treatment.

I am now in a position of trying to design a larger, un-dedicated, multi use room, that is approx. 25 ft long x 20 ft. wide x 16 ft tall ceilings.

 This room will have no room treatments as it is a "great room" in a house and will be multi-purpose.

70% of the time will be TV watching
15% movies
15% music - 2 channel (no surround possible)

In spite of the less than perfect situation, I would still like to have a solid listening experience.

This much I know, In order to enjoy music or music concerts, i would need to throw a wider sound stage.

Past that, I will defer to your better judgment.

Thanks all,