new Meitner MA3 hit the rack today

Letting it warm up and run some playlists on repeat through it.  Gonna give it a few hundred hours of break-in before the first critical session.  Nice unit.  Roon 1.8 picked it up, but didn’t let me configure as an output since the certification is delayed by a few weeks.  Wasn’t really planning on switching the digital front end, as it’s more of a secondary source during the day, but I just couldn’t take the Aurender UI/UX anymore.  “A far more intuitive interface, Roon is” said Yoda.  The A10 sound was very livable long term but just got tired of that darn UI.  Roon could stream to it, but only over airplay, so what’s the point there.  Anyway, I’ll post up some thoughts when I get rolling with it for real.
The Meitner MA3 was just recommended to me, so I am very much interested to hear your thoughts once you get some time with it. 
So VERY early assessment. It been powered on continuously for a week now, and overnight just firing up a random 8 hr playlist to break it in.  May need 300-500 hours to settle in, but...... Wow, for the money will be tough to beat.  Since it’s not roon certified yet (maybe a few weeks or a month before it’s official, fingers crossed), I’m using my old opp udp-203 as the roon renderer, and my Mac as roon core hooked up over toslink to the MA3. I had to run it like this even though roon saw it as an endpoint, can’t stream to it until it’s been certified. Not ideal but I’ll tell ya this thing is smooth.  Zero digital etch, bass response is fantastic, and sounds remarkably better than my Aurender a10, which it replaced.  Large scale orchestral and female vocals are spot on and have that sort or ‘rightness’ that MSB and DCS can deliver without spending gobs of money.   The unit sounded a bit flat when first powered on, which was totally expected and didn’t get much better for the first few days then bam.  First step function cleared.  I suspect there are more to be had.  I have a window of 3 hours while the family is out of the house Saturday morning, I’ll have more to report in then.
Okay, using qobuz/tidal direct with the unit produces some fine sounds and is quite the experience.  Have to use this off the shelf crappy app called M connect. Makes the UI/UX on Aurender seem like a pinnacle of good design ;-( The unit is still awaiting its roon certification so I can’t use it as intended yet.  I hooked up my old oppo-203 which can become a roon ready endpoint but I have to run toslink out and to the MA3.  When doing so, it all sounds kinda flat and thin if I can beat describe it.  It sounds like a piano, and is recognizable but it’s far far from the real thing. So I just queued up some fat playlists in quobuz and letting it rip and sure is sweet.  The Brandenburg concertos are 300 years old this week so that’s sure been in heavy rotation!
Roon just went live with it's MA3 certification in past day or so.  I've updated my settings.  I am going to get some listening time this weekend with the MA3 as a decoder and render directly, removing the Oppo (and toslink thank the good lord)