new Meitner MA3 hit the rack today

Letting it warm up and run some playlists on repeat through it.  Gonna give it a few hundred hours of break-in before the first critical session.  Nice unit.  Roon 1.8 picked it up, but didn’t let me configure as an output since the certification is delayed by a few weeks.  Wasn’t really planning on switching the digital front end, as it’s more of a secondary source during the day, but I just couldn’t take the Aurender UI/UX anymore.  “A far more intuitive interface, Roon is” said Yoda.  The A10 sound was very livable long term but just got tired of that darn UI.  Roon could stream to it, but only over airplay, so what’s the point there.  Anyway, I’ll post up some thoughts when I get rolling with it for real.

Listing gone...I'd feel worse if it was a black unit...the silver doesn't look good.

I have a black one and I have a silver one...they are both quite attractive.

Great thread.

Just picked up a lightly used MA3 on Audiomart. Arrived today but I am still waiting on my new integrated and speakers so all I can do for now is put some “settling  hours” on it and watch it stream.

I am wondering if anyone is using the MA3’s internal network streamer directly via Ethernet from your router/switch, and if so, your opinion on the sound quality and also vs using an external server/renderer/streamer via USB into the MA3?

In my systems, the MA3’s internal streamer sounds best. Sold my FTA usb cable. Also, I dont know how much is audio nervosa vs real science but Ive been told not to run gear without it plugged into its appropriate load, ie plugged in via interconnects to a pre or amp.