new Meitner MA3 hit the rack today

Letting it warm up and run some playlists on repeat through it.  Gonna give it a few hundred hours of break-in before the first critical session.  Nice unit.  Roon 1.8 picked it up, but didn’t let me configure as an output since the certification is delayed by a few weeks.  Wasn’t really planning on switching the digital front end, as it’s more of a secondary source during the day, but I just couldn’t take the Aurender UI/UX anymore.  “A far more intuitive interface, Roon is” said Yoda.  The A10 sound was very livable long term but just got tired of that darn UI.  Roon could stream to it, but only over airplay, so what’s the point there.  Anyway, I’ll post up some thoughts when I get rolling with it for real.

How would I stream the music I have saved on my computer...former ITunes, now it's called Music....?

mConnect is free and uses any NAS or streaming subscription you have.  Roon though is top flight, and really great for meta data and music exploration.  it's 20/month or something, a pittance really for what it brings to the table.  


Roon guys iirc are originally the Meridian Sooloos software guys, and implemented a similar system decoupled from Meridian's hardware.  It's like Apple OS without the Apple hardware tax.  They have a 30 day trial.  you can run the roon core on your mac, it's lightweight.  it then pumps a stream losslessly to the MA3 which is roon ready.

not sure if you are bitrate or resolution capped using apple music over network.  it used to be streaming using airplay was basically 320kbps max

anyway, check it out, takes all of 3 minutes to set it up and start playing through your MA3.  i went to the MA3 not only cause it was a superior DAC, but due to the software interface offered through roon.  it replaced my Aurender a10 which had an UX i would recommend for enemies.  it's the worst.  good sound, but interacting with the aurender just took what joy i had using the A10.  with MA3, great hardware, great software, and I'm not looking to change anything until i get Wadax money.