new mgmt album congratulations

has anyone heard the new mgmt album congratulations? If you are familiar with there first release , this one will come as a surprise as it is totally a different sound and music from the first one. Where as time to pretend was trip beat electronic pop, Congratulations is un apologetically 60s psychedelic pop rock . I did not like it at first, but with most good music it slowly grew on me, and now I love it, it is unlike most music out there today. It has given me alot of respect for mgmt because I am sure that there was a ton of pressure on them to make all the pop hits that were on the first album all over again, and instead they did the exact opposite regardless if anyone liked it or not. that takes balls and creativity. Think early pink floyd , later Beatles ect. I played it for a friend the other night, and he just assumed I was playing something very old, and when I told him that it was released in 2010 he was shocked. Be warned though, this is a late night take you on a journey type record, not for casual or background listening. my new favorite record.
thx. was wondering about that.

if you like late 60s psych, you have got to pick up Brian Jonestown Massacre "his satanic majesty's 2nd request". great retro stuff.
Did you get the LP with the "scratch off" cover?
I'm still trying to get into it. With your recommendation I'll give it another spin.
pretty good but really dig the webb bros when it somes to the art of the song.
When I first got it I listened to it, said what the fuck, put it on the shelf for three months, I even forgot I had it. I pulled it out one night, it was late, I had a couple of beers under my belt, and loved it. Its so funny how you have to be in just the right mood for some music. I have found the songs or cds that catch or hook you right away end up fading the quickest , where as deeper albums take multiple listening before you "get it" and become music that you come back to over and over.