New mid level Turntable / cart / phono pre system

Trolled a bunch of reviews online and didn't find much information about matched turntable systems. i.e. recommended turntable with cart with phono pre

So, I'm looking for some ideas for a whole new vinyl source system or some links to reviews with ideas.

My budget is somewhat flexible but would like to stay under $6000 for everything. I've been through various turntable rigs and they were always purchased piecemeal so really interested in a set up that is balanced and synergistic from the start.

I would be looking at purchasing the turntable and cart new and set up by the dealer, which would have to be mail order. I could do a used phono pre to extend budget.

I have a strong preference for balanced outputs as my system sounds best that way and I have a long cable run to the turntable, but I know that limits my options a lot.

With vinyl I listen almost entirely to rock and reggae so I would tend to compromise in favor of rhythmic drive / dynamics / solid bass over delicacy, air, and soundstaging.

Only other thoughts are that I would prefer a turntable that does not require constant adjustments to sound its best and would like easy switching of 33 and 45 speeds.

Can help you with a complete setup, basically as close to plug and play as you can get with a analog rig.

Liberty B2B-1

Google above for reviews

GrooveMaster Vintage Direct

Good Listening, from their maker

You should be able to get a VPI Prime turntable/3d arm with the SDS speed controller, a Soundsmith Zephyr II cartridge, the Soundsmith CounterIntuitive and a Musical Surroundings Phenomina II phono stage ( which would be a very good setup) and stay within your budget. I know that Soundstage Direct does setup and handles these products. Good Luck!
Thanks, bunch of new vendors and things to look at. Hadn't heard of the VPI Prime model or Groovemaster.
Be bold, go for one of U Turn Audio's units. Your wallet will be fatter, your enjoyment greater.