New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)

Here is some info on the new MOFI/Jones speaker:



I watched the whole video this morning, and it was very interesting. Andrew is a very smart and inquisitive guy, but I thought that Steve was too reticent, and didn't ask enough questions, such as who the intended customer was for this particular design, since it isn't what the average buyer is looking at, although I would really like to hear it. Other than that, it was really good.

Love these. Can't wait to hear them. Andrew Jones knows what he's doing and seems like a good guy too. It's a unique size, which may not be an obvious plus. But, with KLH, JBL, and tons of others pumping out retro styling and "anniversary editions" of old classics all over the industry, they would seem to fit right in. Kudos Andrew!

He has seen  the light…..but think near $4000 a pair is more thsn the market will allow…..the success of the LS50 Metas was the sub $2000 price point….and certainly the LRS+ is backordered 8 to 10 months because of a sub $1000 price.

Given all the original thought/development that went into these along with customized and unique parts/drivers I think $3700 sounds like a pretty fair price, as long as they sound good of course.  Looking forward to impressions from anyone who gets to hear them at CAF this weekend.