New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)

Here is some info on the new MOFI/Jones speaker:




Looking at that chart it looks as if the MS10 is deliberately aimed squarely at the Eaton.

It cannot possibly be coincidental because Andrew Jones has been around far too long to not be aware of the Tannoys. He even mentions them in interviews.

Both the Eaton and the Fyne now have an additional rival.

Hopefully someone will post a comparative review between all 3 before long.

Looking at that chart it looks as if the Sourcepoint 10 is worth it's weight in gold.

I can understand Jay's resentment over MoFi's vinyl controversy but to suggest Andrew Jones is working with them to salvage their credibility is quite a stretch and a bit slanderous.

Unless AJ is lying, he was contracted to design the speaker well before the MoFI debacle. And, his spin on how the speakers are being sold can be said about most any audio product out there. It's a conspiracy!

I'll just wait and be patient until I hear it for myself and not rely on what comes across as the mumblings of a real sourpuss, who devoted barely a couple of minutes on the sound of the speaker compared to his take on the company.

All the best,