New Mojo Mystique X

Who has ordered the new Mystique X being released later this year? I was going to buy a used Mystique V3 but they are just impossible to find. Ben had a possible trade in unit for me but the owner decided not to go ahead.

The new models carry quite a price and to take advantage of the introductory discount it seems they have to be bought unheard, just going on previous models’ reputations. Could those who are buying the new model please share their reasons why.

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11-07-2021 6:17pm

I had the Mojo Mystique Evo B2B with the A Core upgrade for awhile.


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@branislav - While I do not discount the observations posted by @divertiti who also owns the B4B, I would caution lumping the B4B into a category characterized by your impressions of other DACs, particularly without spending time with the B4B.  While there may well be other DACs that listeners of electronica would like better, the B4B is far from "slow and syrupy" and it sounds very good in my system on all types of rock music, blues, and popular/vocals.