New Mojo Mystique X

Who has ordered the new Mystique X being released later this year? I was going to buy a used Mystique V3 but they are just impossible to find. Ben had a possible trade in unit for me but the owner decided not to go ahead.

The new models carry quite a price and to take advantage of the introductory discount it seems they have to be bought unheard, just going on previous models’ reputations. Could those who are buying the new model please share their reasons why.
I appreciate the diversity of views in the thread. Some passionate owners, and some former owners with different views. That’s as it should be. System fit and personal taste is everything.

I look forward to seeing what the dealer network is. Although there is a 45-day home demo policy, which is nice in theory, the DAC is quite heavy. I did the math, and a home audition would cost me $200-$250 in shipping (covering both to and from) if it doesn’t work out. Just the nature of shipping heavy gear and insuring it. So getting a home demo from a local dealer would be a lot more palatable (inevitable downside: dealer mark-up).
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Thank you. I never knew how to do that. I can see why it could have been confusing.
@longinc,  a long informative post which I appreciate. The fixation with detail above all else is IMO heading in the wrong direction. I want to know what a component does for the enjoyment of music and your post addressed that.
“Taste is first and foremost distaste, disgust and visceral intolerance of the taste of others.”
Pierre Bourdieu

This thread makes me wonder how much of our experience of hifi is affected by non-musical factors, including intangibles that go to audiophile identity. Some call this pride of ownership, which is distinct but very much related. Why are some audiophiles drawn to boutique manufacturers with whom they can have a direct relationship? Or even larger companies that have a distinct identity (Naim, to name a classic example).

These affiliations can veer into the (overly) emotional/tribal, as if I'm watching a Celtics fan yelling at a Lakers fan for having the audacity to be born in L.A. (e.g., folks who vehemently defend a certain brand...your hifi isn't, or shouldn't be, your identity, man. Let's face it, it's usually men who are like this). Not saying Mojo owners in this thread have been like that, but there's been a little flavor of defensiveness. A certain disappointment or at least disbelief that someone might have different taste.

Mojo, in this thread and on the website, have laid out their mission statement -- what they value in a good DAC. It's an attractive philosophy and one that many, including myself, share. I don't know if they execute well on the philosophy, but I like the philosophy. So when I hear a DAC built by someone that shares my approach to hifi...does that make me more inclined to like it? Because it's validation, an affirmation of my identity as an audiophile -- I'm a music-first audiophile, not one of those folks obsessed with gear, etc.

@longinc Thx for the comments. I haven't heard anyone describe a BorderPatrol DAC or a totaldac as analytical're off your rocker. I'm kidding to make a point. I had a very different experience from yours but again, it all goes to how subjective sonic impressions are, and how precarious system-matching can be.