New Musical Fidelity M8 pre - anyone heard this

I am in the market for a new pre. I have recently listened to the ML326s, the Parasound JC2, the Pass Xp20 and the MuFi M8. Of these its between the XP20 and the M8. When I listened to the M8 with its matching M8700 amps and Dynaudio confidence speakers I found the system amazingly transparent with what i thought was more detail and information on my standard test tracks than I had heard before. But listening to the Pass with Pass xa160.5s and Wilson Sophias and comparing with the EMM Labs Pre2 the Pass also had great transparency and detail. My problem is I have not been able to compare the Pass to the M8.

So...has anyone had a good chance to listen to the M8 and if so, what do you think?

Thanks to all

 Any M8 preamp users still around / I have one on order and curious about it's longevity and also does the M8 need to on for HT bypass?

Really excited to hear it with my Parasound JC 5 amp.

Old post but I just bought a M8pre and I also

have a Parasound jc5.

How did you find the combo?

I feel the midrange sounds a bit flat

and boring. 



It took me awhile to get the sound I wanted out of the paring after they settled in.  It all came down to cableing between the two ,starting with Morrow Audio MA5 XlR's then to Wire World Eclipse 8 ( fleshed out the mids) and finally settling on the Silver Eclipse 8 XlR's and bingo! How many hours on the paring or MS8 pre ?