New Network Acoustics Tempus switch

Network Acoustics which are known for their great performance on noise filtering (ENO / MUON series) have launched a new switch:

There is also a review at: which sounds really very promising. So I decided to get one 😃

Have others already experience with it?


@fastfreight How's SwitchX & Wifi X testing coming along?

I'll keep the JCat but I'm working on another system that requires cleaning up  ethernet. Just looked a t JCat and the Gold is no longer offered but now there is a Jcat Premium/improved switch. 

You bought the SwitchX​​​​​​​ & Wifi X Audio & Video. Right?  Do they allow a thirty day test?


Hi @wsrrsw , Once installed and up and running, I have not removed the SwitchX and WifiX.  I do not have the VideoX.  To my ears, the SwithX sounds better than my M12 Gold with fancy power supply.  I have these components on demo from Bill at GTT.  

Three things going on with the SwitchX:

1) Djitterit Power Supply filters DC output to switch.

2) Modem in Switch X creates Audio only 'Clean Side" of your in home network to keep all other noisy things like cell phones, TV's, security systems, Alexa etc. from constantly bombarding the audio signals with noise.

3) The usual good switch stuff.

Wifi X is added to have clean wifi to only control your music (Roon remote or any app based music play software).

I will change back to the M12 soon for comparison.  Likely my M12 Gold and its power supply will be available!

Up until the SwitchX, the M12 Gold (with good power supply) was the best switch I had ever heard.

There are many audiophile switches now; but the SwitchX is the only one I know of that has an internal modem to create a clean side of your network.  Others offer separate router to do this (Taiko) for much more $.  Pretty though!


I’m curious - If the SwitchX is creating a separate network, are you then using a separate device like an iPad only connected to that network for control of the system? Or, are you switching to that network when you want to listen?  I assume this separate network is not connected to internet - it is control only. Is that correct?

I suppose it’s an analog to the dedicated A/C circuit many of us are installing for our Hifi systems.  


Hi  @mgrif104 

Exactly.  The Switch X creates an entirely new network in your home called 'Clean Network".  You have to reboot your Roon core once connected, then your audio is only available on this clean side or clean network.  As such, ipads etc on your existing home wifi will not see the clean side.  So the WifiX handles this by creating wifi on the clean network.  I use my ipad, select the 'clean Wifi' and control my music.  I can easily jump from clean wifi to home wifi when needed, or I just cheat a little bit and use the same ipad on clean wifi to read my book or check messages.

The SwitchX and WifiX are sort of a necessary package, unless you control your digital audio by touching the streamer.

For perfection, this audio ipad would do NOTHING except control your audio.  We all know Apple devices like to chatter a bit and all of it cannot be turned off.  I think a we bit of internet usage on the clean wifi is negligible to the sound.  Chris at Dejitterit explains that the WifiX is intentionally controlled is scope so as to not pollute the audio stream 


I’m trying to imagine how to implement in my house.

The house is clad in metal & Galvalume. Wifi is needed for cellular service.

In an upstairs closet is “control central” where the house’s Ethernet web starts. In the house are several Ubiquiti mesh devices; the closest to the hard wired streamer fourty plus feet away around a corner. The streamer is in a closet as well.

In an unplumbed small out building is my “shop” with another stereo system in the works. There’s wired Ethernet in there too. SwitchX and WifiX could go there too but that defeats a “clean” house. Further more into the crappy switch in shop is an Ubiquiti security camera keeping an eye on my tools, etc.