New Ortophon Tonearms?

Anyone out there have any impressions of the AS or RS series Ortophon tonearms? Always contemplating upgrades and I haven't seen much press on these.

If so, any thoughts about using on a suspended table, or compatibilty with my Sota?
Dear Grimace: Like other people already posted I don't think there is a problem between that tonearm and your Sota TT.

Maybe what you have to ask is if that tonearm is a good match to your current cartridge.
If you read the other posts the ortofon tonearm owners own a very different quality cartridge level that the one you own, unfortunately I don't have experience with that Audio technica cartrdige so I can't be sure about.

Btw, IMHO say that that tonearm is a good tracker is almost a misunderstood because it is the cartridge the one that it is a good or bad tracker and always dependent on the matching with the right tonearm.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Well, I'm not neccesarily planning on keeping the cartridge forever either. I keep a running list of equipment that I'd like to have in my system someday. If I were to upgrade the arm, naturally I'd want to contemplate a cartridge shortly thereafter. (this really is an upgrade disease that I'm sure we're all familiar with)
Well, if you're looking at it as part of an upgrade path then I suppose Downunder and I would be good indicators that you can go pretty far with this arm. So from that perspective I suppose it's a good option.

looking at your turntable, I don't think the 12 inch version is going to fit. You need at least 311 mm for tonearm pivot to to spindle. Whereas the 9 inch version fit fine with pivot to spindle of 214mm. I would double check with SOTA.

BTW, the AT OC9 sounds wonderful with the Ortofon arm. I own the OC9 (Lryalike) and it is a very detailed cartidge with a nice tight bass, at the price it is very good. Coupled with the ortofon arm just relaxes the cartridge a little to show it at its best.
Downunder, you are correct, a 12-inch is out of the question on this table. The AS and RS series both come in 9-inch versions.