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I’m very sad to see Mark close up Reno HiFi. He offered the best service out there: demo equipment, fair demo pricing, great inventory, etc.  if you dealt with them, you know what I mean.  That said, even though change is always hard to deal with, where is the new go to for Pass Labs electronics? I don’t have a local Pass dealer.  Asking for a friend…

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“Guess he likes the heat”

Well I mean he was surrounded by Pass Labs Class A amps…

Happy Trails and best wishes Mark!
Had many pleasant transactions over the years. Enjoy retirement :)

I did some business with him a couple times, good for him to be able to retire. He treated me the best I've ever been treated by any HiFi establishment I've ever done business with.

I wish there were more guys we could say that about, but good on you, Mark!

Regards to all,


I bought my XA25 from Mark, he was personable, efficient and always willing to advise and assist. Set the industry standard it seems for customer satisfaction. I wish him well in retirement.