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I’m very sad to see Mark close up Reno HiFi. He offered the best service out there: demo equipment, fair demo pricing, great inventory, etc.  if you dealt with them, you know what I mean.  That said, even though change is always hard to deal with, where is the new go to for Pass Labs electronics? I don’t have a local Pass dealer.  Asking for a friend…


Selfishly, I hate to see Reno Hi-Fi go and no one taking over mark’s shop. He was a hands-on dealer who valued personal communication. He will be missed.

Great dealer, great person. Great equipment.   All good things must come to an end.  

I almost bought a demo XA25 from them just a couple months ago and then stalled and then it was gone.  
Regarding the OP’s original question… is there a favorite Pass / FW dealer out there now? I see the Pass site lists dealers … but from ppl’s experiences, are there other specific dealers recommended ? 

Why is it ok for ghdprentice to drop his political comment on the thread and not have it deleted? I thought we were in a politics free forum???

No idea about sales, but Pass offers great technical support and customer service. I’m a 20 year customer of Mark’s...called Pass Labs directly last week: phone answered within seconds and all my questions and more were answered and explained by Kent...