New Pass Labs X.5 series versus previous X series

Pass Labs is in the process of re-dedesigning their entire X series into the new X.5 series. As of this writing X150.5, X250.5 and possibly X350.5 are already shipping. The X600.5 are expected to start shipping early in the new year. This thread is to discuss experiences with the new amps, their sound signature, perceivable improvements over the old series, and of course dissenting opinions. Everyone's perspective is welcome--X and X.5 owners, X.5 window shoppers, Dealers, and all other audiogoners with a passion for affect by the bug of audiophilia.
Today I spoke to Kent, rather than Peter. Peter was home with the flue. Kent said he spent some quality time a few weeks ago with X350.5.
He indicated that X350.5 has the very best sound he has heard this far, and not by a small margin.
According to his particular taste, the previous series lineup, in descending order of preference for him went: X600, X250, X350, X150.
He seemed to indicate that in the X.5 series things are very different. As nelson Pass proceeded in re-designing from X150 upwards, he put more and more of his own sound philosophy into the new models. So while X150.5 was definitely a positive step in the right direction, X250.5 was significantly better than X250, and the difference between old X350 and X350.5 is apparently even more remarkable.
Kent's new descending order of preference is X350.5, X250.5, X150.5.
The X600.5 will not experience 'first sound' until after mid December, and I intend to call back Pass Labs at that time. Will the delta between X600.5 andd X600 exceed the delta between the immediately lower model? Kent of course would not commit. Stay tuned. I suspect the entire new lineup may be ready for CES 2005--my inference only, not a tidbit from Pass.
Actually I was thinking of getting the X350.5. But I am 100% convinced. Being the fact that X250 outperforms the X350. I really have to audition the X350.5 and go from there. I hope I will make the right move this time around. Anybody auditioned the X350.5 and wants to shed some light?
I'll be out of touch for 36 hours. Keep the discussion going in the meantime. Some dealers are already stocking X350.5. Someone should give these guys a buzz.
Hi folks: I own a X250 and has been one of the best speakers I have had, the list is quite large to bore you here. I don't feel the need to move to the .5 series, and more into finding theright preamp for my X250. The best I have OWNED is a First Sound Passive preamp. X2 was awfull for me.

What is expected to be that different in the .5 series to really make me change my mind?

I will appreciate your feedback.