New Perlisten S7T Towers

Hi everyone. Has anyone here had a chance to hear these? A brand new company in Wisconsin - first speakers ever to achieve level 4 THX Dominus certification. Not inexpensive at $16k a pair.

Second question, what percentage off of full retail would you consider fair? And the same question on a expensive Lyngdorf MP60 processor, $14k retail.

Thank you all!
Second question, what percentage off of full retail would you consider fair?
At this price level the ONLY questions that matter are if they have the sound characteristics that are most important to you personally and if they match well with your existing equipment/room.  Everything else is a rounding error, relatively speaking.  

mijostyn-   Those "checker board" drivers are SB Acoustics woven TeXtreme mid/bass drivers made with an advanced, super thin carbon fiber fabric- the tweeter looks like the new SB Acoustics Beryllium wave guide tweeter. 

2 ago I noticed that chess-board pattern on some Rockport speakers.  Common supplier?   Likely.  I was looking into Rockport after hearing a good podcast with the founder and the two guys running the business with him now.

I have these loudspeakers, and in my view they are the best I've ever had/heard, as long as you have the right power driving them, Truly magical sound.  I paid full price, and was happy to do so.