New Pink Floyd release

Pink Floyd is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the release of Dark Side of the Moon.

The forthcoming The Dark Side Of The Moon box set will be available through Warners on March 24. It includes a CD and gatefold vinyl of the newly remastered studio album and Blu-Ray and DVD audio featuring the original 5.1 mix and remastered stereo versions.  The set also includes an additional new Blu-ray disc of a Dolby Atmos mix plus CD and LP of The Dark Side Of The Moon - Live At Wembley Empire Pool, London, 1974.

I hope the "remastered" versions are worthy improvements, but that isn't always the case these days.

The artwork is creating a stir among a small segment of "fans" who don't know what prisms and rainbows are... attacking or dis-owning the band for their "wokism". Can't make this stuff up, sadly. 

50th anniversary release of Dark Side Of The Moon


I’ve bought the PF , “Animals” : LP,blue ray , Cd,DVD , in one box :” original recording” : LP : lot of crashes, bad recording : flat, no dimension , not 3D : wasn’t nice to listening to. Cd : the same as the LP..The original of 1977 is much better… So much is filtered out that the soul disappears completely…

@styleman It’s ironic you call woke people “stupid and dumb” considering that’s redundant, but more importantly it’s you who misunderstands the entire situation. The artwork contains a rainbow, and it’s “anti-woke” morons that are claiming Pink Floyd is pandering to the LGBTQ by using the rainbow, despite the fact it’s just part of the art. It’s beyond pathetic.

Is any chance that part of income money from this release will be spent by Roger Waters for his support of Putins war in Ukraine ? If yes, I won’t buy.