New Pre-amp for Dipole system

I am thinking of changing my pre-phono section of my system. I currently have an unmodified Ear 834P for my phono which feeds a Benchmark DAC Pre. From there the signal is fed into an active Linkwitz Orion system. The analog front end is a LP12

The two options i am considering is to:
1) modify the EAR (new caps, replaces resistors)($350) and continue using the Benchmark as a passive pre-amp.

2) Sell the Ear ($750) and spend another +- $750 ($1,500) total on pre with MM phono section.

Any thoughts on a good $1,500 used Pre. No Tubes.
I have tried tubes on and off for a few years (both in pre's and amps), and perhaps it is just to much fussing, what with knowing that tubes will never sound as good as they did the day before, but i would just as soon rather stick with solid state.
I also need something robust that can be left on for hours without worrying about heat or tube decay
Correct me if I'm wrong. I have never owned tube gear, but doesn't the low power end up things last a long time? Once you are up and stable, shouldn't the tubes in a pre last for several thousand hours? If you can hear the change from day to day, there are other.....issues.
Honestly i have nothing against tubes. In fact having owned tube gear in the i can say with complete honesty that i have been thrilled with the performance... however where i am in my life and lifestyle i would rather just plug and forget. I don't want to think about tube rolling, and i dont want to think about little fingers touching glowing 300 volt tubes.
I started this thread because i am in the market for a good solid state pre with phono section not start another long winded go around in circles discussion about the relative merits of tubes.
Any suggestions in a pre would be great. So far an Ayre K is on the top of my list.

Thanks again