New preamp experience

Through the years, I have changed amps, speakers, front end components and various cabeling topologies many times across a large range of tube and solid state systems but the constant was always my Cary SLP05 preamp. I always perceived it to be the best pre I had ever heard and it is very adaptable and capable of applications on both sides of the fence. The 300b Coincident Frankenstien Monoblocks that I purchased sounded really great through this pre but O MY GOSH!! I just recieved the Coincident Statement Linestage pre amp and now I'm wondering..maybe the choice of preamp has all along been my weakest link. This preamp is absolutely incredable. I guess I learned a lesson here.
Components from the same manufacturer IMO are usually your best option for getting the most out of each component at least in my experience. I believe that when manufacturers design and build their products they do so with the intent that they go together both visually and sonically. Which is why I always try to stay within the same manufacturer when mating amps and pre-amps.
Very nice setup, Markus. I've envied, for some time now, the Frakenstein monos, and that Volvere is a thing of beauty!

Congratulations, enjoy,
Mark, when I swapped out the W4S preamp and in went the Belles pre to match my Belles amp the sound became much more coherent as a system. That's not to say the Wyred 4 Sound pre-amp was no good because it is a well received unit that is excellent in it's own right.
It is all mix and match, and what your ear likes. If you like you are hearing then keep it, does not make the other preamp lesser, just with these amps you like what your hearing better, switch amps then you might like your current preamp better. Trust your own ears.
Congratulations,trusting your ears appears to be exactly what you`ve done.I`ve had this splendid amplifier and linestage combo for 3 1/2 years so I appreciate your genuine joy.Marcus, I thought you were using a VAC REN 30/30 amp in place of the Frankensteins?
Hello Charles1dad,
I still have the VAC REN 30/30 and it is an excellent amp but once I heard the Franks/Statement linestage combo there was no going back. Totally stunning performance and I'm only at 43 hours. I also purchased the Ocellia I/C and S/C that I'm putting in place today. How long should it take to break these in?
Thank you for your valuable guidence through the years. I hear what your saying!!!
I am also very pleased with my recent purchase of a Coincident Statement Line Stage. It is proving to be pretty much everything I hoped it would be. It is an interesting experience when one adds a new component that is a special piece in absolute terms, but when it also mates well with the rest on the system, it is in fact one of those OMG what have I been missing experiences.
In addition to the CSL, I recently had a chance to borrow some VH Audio AirSines. It was another OMG moment, so here we go again. Another 2.5K invested in power cords. But the system is playing at a level I did not think possible.
Hi Marcus,
Thanks for the kind comments.The Ocellia is one of those small and
relatively unknown companies that produce very special excellent
products.I think you'll be more than impressed with the addition of these to
your already very fine system. The cables are open, transparent and most
of all natural and will be ideal with the caliber and character of your system.
Marcus, you have two superb amplifiers and can't go wrong with either.This
is a system that can keep you satisfied for a lifetime if you so choose.

Brownsfan, I know precisely what you mean.From viewing your system and
reading your posts in the past I really believed that the CSL would be a true
asset to your beautiful and well thought out system.Given your musical
taste I can't imagine a better fit than the CSL to exploit the wonders of your
classical music collection.It must sound heavenly.

Oh I almost forgot, Marcus, the Ocellia silver cables sound good straight
from the box and just continue to improve steady over roughly 100
hours.Let me know your lmpressions once you've become familiar with
Marcus and Brownsfan, you along with recent CSL owners Thankful and Obrennon have with your satisfaction driven home a belief of mine. In general I'll select simple over the more complex when it comes to matters of audio, I.e. keep the signal path as simple as is reasonable. So a direct source to amplifier or use of a passive preamp should be my preference. It isn't, the exception of my keep it simple stance is with active line stages. For me a top quality preamp is essential for obtaining better sound and increasing realism in a system.This has been debated endlessly but all of the recent enthusiasm that new CSL owners are experiencing is what I have felt.The key is high quality active or otherwise the passive approach would be the better path.
Charles1dad, Exactly!

I have not had the opportunity to rotate other high quality active preamps into my system in order to evaluate their ability to deliver on the attributes I value most. Now that the CSL is in place, I have no motivation to run that particular experiment. I strongly suspect the CSL is the only active at anywhere near the price that would have supplanted the Promitheus Signature TVC.
About 18 months ago i carefully auditioned Magnepan 3.7s prior to purchase. The audition benefited from a 60K Esoteric/BAT front end. It is my belief that the ModWright/Coincident pair would handily win a careful A/B with that Esoteric/BAT pairing. I did some extensive auditioning of speakers prior to purchase of the Maggies, and so had opportunity to hear many front end pairings in the process. Most of the front ends I heard I could not live with.

Mr Blume has done something very special here.
A friend of mine has the ModWright modified Oppo 105 and I've heard it
extensively and it's superb.It clearly outperforms his former modified Oppo
95 and also the much more expensive Playback Designs MPS-5 player he
had in the past. So your observation is right on the mark. This latest
ModWright with the CSL would equal or better many considerably more
costly front ends IMO.Dan Wright and Israel Blume (Coincident) are worthy
of genuine accolades for what they've accomplished with these stellar
components. Supreme music reproduction for less than uber price.
Markus ... I think it's time for u to sell me back my 30/30.

I might but you wouldn't like what I would want with new tubes and all
I have truely enjoyed it Paul

Marcus why not keep both and have top level 300b SET amp and a top level 300b push pull version? How often do you use the VAC now?
Charles1dad, Since I purchased the Franks, I find that I use the VAC less and less. Don't get me wrong it is a great amp and I most likely will not part with it but now I see a VAC, sig MkII pre amp for sale here. The madness has to stop somewhere!! I haven't tried it through the CSL yet so that should be a treat.
Markus, I don't know how many times I have said "The madness has to stop somewhere." No sooner do I get the words out of my mouth than a new piece presents itself, that represents a substantial step forward. The good thing is you get to the point where anything else is gravy.
Markus - shoot me an email with what you'd want for it and what tube you would be including.
Hi Pdreher,
Aren't you using the VAC REN 70 watt amp? Is there a sonic difference between the two Renaissance models besides the power? I'm curious as I usually prefer the lower power versions of otherwise identical amplifiers. But mine is a somewhat minority position.
There is a subtle but noticeable difference. The 30/30 is sweeter and more organic vs. it's larger sibling.
It would seem an option to remove 1/2 the output tubes and effectively convert the REN 70/70 to a 30/30, or is there more to it than that?
In my quest for the ultimate sound to my ears, the one lesson that I have learned is that more does absolutely not mean better. Wish I could recoup the bucks I spent to reach this conclusion but guess it has been all about the learning curve and what my ears perceive as the best.