New preamp for merlin tsm's

Hello all,

I'm in the process of changing from a meridian 568 5.1 system with b&w sig 805s to merlin tsm mx 5.1 system. However, now I want to utilize a quality two channel pre feeding into my cary cinema 5. It must have an av passthrough for an inexpensive processor, remote(I'm lazy), and be around $1100 used. What do you all recommend? Tubes? I've been looking at the Rogue 99 magnum, the Bel Canto sep 1, and the Bat vk30. On the other hand, I've looked into the ss mccormacks. Suggestions appreciated.
Not sure if either has the HT pass thru, but check the Manley Shrimp and the Belles 21A preamps. Both have been recommended by Merlin. I have a Joule pre but it wouldn't work for what you need......too bad.

good luck,