New preamp or up grade my cartridge and or phono amp?

I have an Emotiva XMC-1 with a Rega P6 TT a Rega MCFONO phono amp and a Rega Ania cartridge. If I'm running the Emotiva in the "reference mode", would it make more sense to up grade the cartridge and phono amp (maybe even the tonearm) or add a new preamp with a HT bypass


Streaming is actually something I am not interested in. I have about 850 albums on my music server. I've tried Tidal and Qobuz and barely used either one, no interest in checking out new music (I NEVER listen to the radio I have all the music I like). That being said a friend turned me to a group called "Lake Street Dive", check them out they are great(he struck out on other new stuff he wanted me to try). I even got rid of about half of my albums, I owned about 700, going through them one day I realized I was NEVER going to listen to the ones I got rid of. Now I have the ones I know I'm going to listen to(I'm one of those guys at the restaurant that orders the same thing because that's what I like).

Soix, ehem. I don’t own a discrete linestage. All my preamplifiers contain phono sections. For that combo , you pay more. And none of them ( I have 3) cost me more than $4K, all purchased second hand.

I'm probably going to go with a Rogue RP-1 and Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC. 

Thanks everyone for the suggestions and preamp info