New Preamplifier

Just bought a new high end preamplifier from a USA dealer that sells online as well as in store (I will not reveal the name of the dealer, nor of the manufacturer or product). The preamp is new, was packed in the original unopened box, all accessories are new, factory packaging is original and new. I checked and double checked everything and confirmed it is new. I registered the product with the manufacturer and it has never been registered and they confirmed it is a new product. However, in the rear of the preamp, next to the serial number label, there is a small circular golden label that states: "KANJITSU DENIKI CO., LTD  GUARANTEE" around the circular label and in the center, next to the company logo it says "Official Importer". I checked and this is an audio distribution company in Japan that deals in high end equipment. The preamp is from a USA manufacturer that manufactures only in the USA. My first question was "How did this seal got in there?" I asked the USA dealer from where I bought the preamp but he has not answered yet. I can only presume that this is a new unused product, sold to this company in Japan, they check the product to ensure everything is perfect and put their seal on it, and the USA dealer did not have the product available and got it from them. But, this is a USA product with all electrical connections, including the original AC power cord, to USA code, not Japan. Any suggestions?
Why don't you call the manufacture's customer service department.  Oh, wait...  That makes too much sense.
denvedfred. It is not a mass market item. It is one of the premier preamps. Class A in Stereophile. I have not involved the manufacturer up to now because I have an excellent relation with them. Will wait and see what the dealer has to say first.

As to bpoletti, if you have so much sense you can stop trolling here.
Again. Parts made all over the world. Who cares if you like the sound? Ridiculous. 
You won't tell the brand or the store. I don't like that. Why should anyone be interested?
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