New reissue of Exile on Main Street

Has anyone heard the new reissue (oxymoron?) of "Exile on Main Street"? Apparently, there's a ($19.95) 2 disc and a ($139) 5 disc version. I just heard one of the bonus tracks on XM (something about plundering Mick's heart), which sounded pretty darn good; I wondered if it was worth popping for all the extras. Best wishes to all.
Each reissue is a new opportunity to revisit Atco COC 2-2900 vinyl. A tad lite on bass, but generally fantastic, detailed, spatial recording with brass balls, Stones on top. If it sounds murky on your system it's your problem.
Unfortunately, the vinyl and cd are both overly compressed and harsh-sounding. The original Artisan cut vinyl is still the best way to listen to this album. Here's a full review of the Super Deluxe Edition Box Set, which includes impressions of the vinyl and photos from the hardcover book:
Have to revise my initial impression of the CDs. Last night I played them on my just-assembled main system, which is MUCH more resolving than the system I initially played them on. The other posters are right: they ARE overly compressed and bright, much like the other Universal Stones remasters. What a disappointment, since I love the packaging and it probably will become a collector’s item in future years. I toyed with the idea of returning it, but then I got the bright idea of popping the 1994 Ludwig remaster into the deluxe packaging—and, voila, I’ve got the best of both worlds: a collectible deluxe box set AND a better remaster!

As a side note, with the Universal remaster, details pop out more, but they come at the expense of musicality and the ability to turn the music up with minimal compression. I’ll take the latter any old day.
I love it. This is by far the best version I have heard (I do not have vinyl). I have had the SACD and hated it, too bright. Narcotic ears certainly a bonus Bfury but no Pacific Coast here...just Ohio rain...

One of my favorite Stones albums and roughly the birth of Alt country/ Americana.
"Exile" wasn't issued on SACD—just the Stones' pre–“Sticky Fingers” ABKO catalog.