New Rel Classic 98 Subwoofer

These were just released earlier this month.

Curious if anyone here has purchased them or maybe plans to?

They have been designed / tuned to be not quite as fast as the current modern Rel’s but apparently still articulate.  I’m reading they are intended to be paired with speakers like Harbeth, Dynaudio and even Klipsch.

I’ve been planning to replace my very noisy Omega subs with another pair in the coming months.  
Wondering if these could pair nicely with my Fritz Carbon 7’s.

That said it’s kind of weird to think about buying a sub that is intentionally slower.

I can’t tell if this is a great idea …to match the sub with slightly warmer speakers or just a lifestyle gimmick.

They are priced in between Rels’ T7/x and T9/x at $1400 and use a 10” paper driver , bottom firing … with a 300W class D amp.

 Link here:






Just watched the video. A year before COVID hit, I asked JH if he has any plans to introduce a sub like classic 98, the answer was NO due to production costs. I guess he had lot to time to think during COVID and there must be enough interest for him to rethink his position. I am sucker for wood veneer and never really cared piano black finish. The link below explains classic 98’s intended audience, it’s certainly not designed for bass hungry folks or the masses.

I wouldn’t mind trying a pair once finances permits. I know they would handsomely compliment my Tannoy Canterbury’s :-)


Thanks for the video link.

Interesting that they and you both felt there was a need and market for such a product.

I am also a fan of the veneer and it looks like the walnut would match my Fritz speakers perfectly pic here []

I’m not a deep bass person. The Fritz don’t REALLY need the subs but they do help sometimes with the soundstage.

But my little sealed ADS l400’s and sealed Spendors can benefit from having them on.




Nice review from Steve Huff. I  own a pair of REL’s with 500W spec so his review of classic 98 alleviates some of my concerns about 300W being not adequate.

@j_andrews ,

They are very nice looking and remind me of my old RH Labs subs from back in the late 70's. There is a problem and that is down firing drivers are inherently non linear. Because of the weight of the moving part (Cone, voice coil, spider, etc.) the cone tends to go down farther then it goes up creating harmonic distortion. This does not necessarily sound bad, but it is distortion. Most subs use vertical drivers now for this reason. 

300 watts will not be adequate if digital room control is used. The computer is going to boost the deficient frequencies as much as 10 dB. That requires 7-8 times the power. The way around this is to use multiple subwoofers the more the merrier. I use four enclosures with eight 12" drivers in a room 16 X 30 feet. 

The best designs now use opposing drivers in phase with each other. This is call balanced force design. The Newtonian forces of the drivers cancel out minimizing resonance. KEF, Martin Logan and Magico make balanced force subs. 

A big miss....less power,down firing?...thanks but I'll pass...Perlisten is one of the new standards