New release - Shunyata Omega interconnects and speaker cables

Has anyone been able to demo the new Shunyata omega interconnects and/or speaker cables? 


Curious to know what the impressions are. 


Hello Searoll923 - I am glad that you started this thread on these cables because I was looking into them as well. It would appear that at this point as they were just released not all that long ago that very few have purchased them and or have even listened to them. I did speak with Richard a few weeks back who had informed me that Shunyata was coming out with these cables and he was very excited as would be expected about their sonic attributes. The cost however of these cables was '' up there '' ...... not surprising anymore.   

Glad to hear someone posted something!


I believe all dealers were given a pair of speaker cables and interconnects to demo. The one near me is still breaking them in and I have some prospective arrangements to audition some in my home.


For me, I started with my regular cables (Kimber Kable - Carbon series interconnect and speaker cables), swapped them to MIT Cables (Heritage 2C3D Level 2) and felt that I got a whole new system. Curious to hear how the Shunyatas compare and will probably post my own update in the coming weeks responses as of this date which does surprise me and could possibly be a telling tale on where the audio world is right now. I hope somebody purchases or listens to these cables as I am still interested in them.