New release - Shunyata Omega interconnects and speaker cables

Has anyone been able to demo the new Shunyata omega interconnects and/or speaker cables? 


Curious to know what the impressions are. 


Hey searoll923 I will be curious to hear your impression versus the MIT.  I’m currently using MIT EVO level 2 throughout my system.  Have had dozens of MIT over the years, these have been the best fit yet. 


@pops - I can't speak for the Shunyata Omega speaker cables yet, but I can compare Shunyata Sigma to MIT 2C3D Level 2: Both cable lines are excellent, but I think they go after separate things. 


The Sigma:

-Very open sound, nothing particularly stands out to me, but more or less I think everything is "there" and clean sounding



-Explosive! Incredible amounts of detail that I never thought were in music I've listened to since my childhood, also surprising (for me) considering this is analog output. I would have been expecting this from a change on a digital front (e.g. DAC). Brought new life to my system.


To date: I am leaning heavily towards MIT Cabling, even more so as I am looking into Spectral amplification. To my ears, I appreciate and love the details + surgical precision.

@searoll923 that was my impression about the latest heritage evo series from MIT - resolution.  MIT cables have always been you are "there" "there" but slightly rolled off in the upper octave.  Even so the presentation was just more of the music coming through in space.

The new EVO's took me a while to get used, dimensional with dense space but surgical resolution compared to former models.  Your 2C3D level 2 is several steps above mine so I am hopeful and sure you get that much more.

Of all the cables I have tried and owned I have never tried shunyata IC/SC.  I do have a Denali S2 with Sigma XC PC that was transformational.


Has anyone other than me noticed that MIT stopped producing new models and shows their products from a 2021 catalog on their website ( and that they have only 6 US dealers left, 4 of which I have never heard of?  Just curious ....

.......hopefully after the show we can get some feedback on these cables as I think from what I heard that Shunyata was going to be demonstrating them at the show. If anybody has heard them it would be nice to see a comment.