New release - Shunyata Omega interconnects and speaker cables

Has anyone been able to demo the new Shunyata omega interconnects and/or speaker cables? 


Curious to know what the impressions are. 


The Shunyata Omega XLR interconnects are something to behold. They are beautifully made and sonically they are very coherent from top to bottom. They are very revealing of your system and source material but not like say a Nordost Valhalla cable. I would be careful if your system is very revealing or do not want it to go that way. I am not saying that the Omega cables are strident but are true to the source. I will say that my Omega's replaced some very good Cardas Clear Beyond cables that I have owned for the past 5-6 years. The sound was like going from really good tubes ( Cardas ) to really good solid state ( Shunyata ) Just my opinion ......   

I’ve had the Omega XLRs for 5-6 weeks. They are extremely transparent, and despite the different conductor material they are alot like the Sigma v2 in house sound, but more balanced frequency response, more detail, and less noise. Pretty much any and every technical attribute you could want is there and these are definitely in a neutral/"accurate" camp of sound. The level of detail is pretty insane, and I honestly don’t know if a cable can be more detailed. Speed and dynamics are extremely impressive. But besides ultra low noise and dark background, these don’t have a special sauce or coloration to wow you like some copper or networked cables. They are meant to sound like nothing, and I think they generally succeed.


The wild thing is (YMMV) it took an entire month of playing them to get them to sound right. Upon first arrival they had some characteristics of a silver cable, like Wireworld, were extremely detailed, but lean/restricted in the bass and midrange. Also the background wasn’t fully black. All of this was remedied eventually, the bass and midrange unwound and filled out, the noise dropped, and the sound become more relaxed.


Most vendors have a requirement from Shunyata that customers need to hear them in their own system, or in some cases a demo system, before they can purchase them. My speculation is that this is because of the high cost coupled with extremely long burn-in period. This is a good thing, so you know what to expect and aren’t disappointed after a week or two of it sounding lean.

I have never heard of them yet. I would like to demo them sometime. Right now I am using SHUNYATA  (2) King Cobra CX  - Sigma HC - Sigma Digital.   Love them. 

I found sigma v2 to be super clean but sort of bland in my system. Can’t imagine what omega is like. 

Cables are oh so very system dependent.   You just have to experiment.  The 
WEL Audioquest didn't do it for me in my system,..Cardas was just plain awful... but others have found them wonderful.