New Revell PerformaBe speakers

I don't know if anybody noticed, but Revel has released a whole bunch of new models in their PerformaBe line to add to the very nice F228be, including a center channel (finally!!) lol.  Unfortunately, the center channel is extremely wide at almost 39", so it is not possible in my setup, but I would have considered migrating to Revel if not for that.
Apparently, the newly released F328be is similar in price and performance to the older Ultima Studio2 line, so Revel is going to discontinue the latter leaving only the top level Salon2 
I would hope the F328be is better than the Studio 2. Even the F208 beat out the Studio 2 in Revel's internal tests, which is why it makes a lot of sense to retire that model.
Think it is better as it has the latest beryllium tweeter assembly (better than what is in Salon/Studio).
The be tweeter in the ultima2 series is to my ears better than the performabe tweet, just listen to them. I didn’t find the f228 to let go of the notes like the salon2 does, but its surely an easier load so less problematic to match components with. After owning 3 revels, the f52, salon1 and 2 I really hope they continue the salon2. although I couldn’t afford the quality components they need to really sing for those who can they’re worth it.