New Rouge Dragon amplifier

Has anyone had a chance to hear the Rouge Dragon amplifier... thank you 
henrycai OP
Yes I agree George but would like to get some input from people who own or at least heard unit...
Seems to be the Hypex NC500 N-Cores, if you listen to or read reviews on the Belcanto 600M monoblocks they’ll sound like these with a bit of tube coloration.

The Belcanto 600M’s are still one of the only Class-D’s that have held my attention, but only when it was given the nice "benign 6ohm flat load" of the top Raven Ribbon tweeter in a two way stand mount.

The Maggie 1.7 may not be a good match as they dive down to 2ohms in the highs with high’ish negative phase angle, this sort of load makes things very tough for Class-D, they prefer to see >4ohm
Notice there’s no mention of what the Rogue Dragon can do into a 2ohm or less load.

Cheers George
Yes the that's what i have heard from some people.... I will find out because my 
Marantz Ref PM10 is class D.....

For better or
I could always go back to Parasound A21 ..

So far i have had 2 of them already...

New A21 Plus or new Mcintosh tube integrated.....
Yes the that’s what i have heard from some people.... I will find out because my
Marantz Ref PM10 is class D.....

Yes this Marantz uses the same N-Core 500 modules as the Dragon and M600’s, so your not really upgrading but rather going sideways with these.

Cheers George
the Bell canto 600 s are much better then the Rogue without any 
problem you can get them for just over $4k  . Don’t just take my word check out all the reviews 
then try to get a demo or place like dedicated audio .