New Santana Album "Africa Speaks"

Santana has a new album out; since it's not quite jazz, and I'm not sure if it's Rock, I'll just throw it up for grabs and see who likes it.

Africa Speaks is inspired by music from the continent of Africa, and has been called a "unique fusion of rock, Latin and jazz". Many of the album's tracks were recorded in one take. The album features vocals from Spanish singer Buika.

Africa Speaks was released on June 7, 2019 by Concord Records and Suretone Records, but this is the first time I've seen it on "you-tube"

Since it has been hard for me to find anything by Santana that I didn't like, I'll refrain from expressing my biased opinion.

What do you think?

Everyone says this CD is compressed, does anyone know what would be the purpose of producing a compressed CD?
In the rock/pop world if you don't use large amounts of compression across the entire mix, your song will sound weak and wimpy when it follows a track that is heavily compressed.  The compressed track will sound louder, punchier and more alive when compared directly to the uncompressed track.  Technically the process is compression/limiting.  They chop off the signal peaks and then raise the average signal level.  It's like having an amp that goes to "11".

This will be my last and final post on "Audiogon"; some will be happy, some will be sad, but I'm moving on.

I'm making this post in honor of "Carlos Santana", one of the greatest musicians of my generation, and I say this with the authority vested in me as a music lover.

"Woodstock"; in August of 1969, Carlos Santana let the world know who he was and what he could do with a guitar; from that time on, he only needed one name "Santana".

"Epiphany" is defined as an appearance or manifestation; Santana was both, he was the appearance of a guitar deity, and the manifestation of "Latin Rock"; plus, for me personally, a trip into another reality.

"Abraxas" Singing Winds, Crying Beasts; I wore out three LP's of that album, and presently own 1 new LP, plus 2 CD's; to say that I like that album is an understatement.

Santana had "it", and he still got it.