New Set Up questions

New to the forum so hopefully I'm posting this in the right area;

I haven't had a high end system in many years and with some research I've put together a potential system that I hope will work well. (I have not made a single purchase yet) I'm asking for advice so that I can be sure there are no issues or concerns with what I think could be a nice system. The TT Cartridge is an unknown right now so any suggestions there are greatly appreciated.

I don't play anything too loud 90% of the time. my room is a normal sized living room set up so about 15 x 25 here in the bay area. Lots of textiles but no carpet. I will be playing vinyl and MP3 and mostly classic rock, early blues, folk, 80's Alt and some jazz.

Here is what I would like to set up barring any issues;

1) Linn Sondek TT (cartridge is not known)
2) Conrad Johnson PV8 preamp in original unmodded cond)
3) McIntosh MC 225 Tube Amp
4) Either AR 3A's or Klipsch Heresy's (both earlier vintage)Not sure which might work better. guessing the Heresy's.

Please comment on anything to help me make changes or think about tone issues where needed. Any and all insight is greatly appreciated!
AR-3A has very low efficiency. It needs high power amp. The Mc225 won't be able to drive it.
Vintage gear? Who knows I just have always had an attraction to anything vintage so now with putting together vinyl set up it's the only thing I think about. Even knowing how great new gear sounds I have zero interest. No idea why.

I keep hearing that about the AR3's so it must be the case. I only sometimes read that someone loves them with a 225, etc... I'll go with the consensus there and stick with the Heresy's
The PV8 in my opinion is not the best of the line-up. Personally, I'd look for a PV5 or 10?

Expect to put some money into a Mac or CJ piece due to new caps and tubes...