New sheriff in town: Luxman D-10x

Luxman D-10x SACD / CD player

Looks great on paper. Other than the SACD / CD/ MQA CD disks spinning, what’s intriguing for me is its DAC, with a brand new chip I have never heard before. If it is really as good as some initial owners report, this would be a SOTA all-in device for both disk spinning and USB DAC streaming.
Great review. Makes me want one 🤓. Wonder how it compares to my Mojo Audio Evo dac? I love the type of sound Steve was expressing about the d-10x and find the Evo has it also.
i saw/heard the Steve G review and he was very gushing. (I'm not into streaming yet, fyi.) I looked seriously at getting a D-10X, but couldn't really justify the $17,000 entry fee for just a very capable CD player. If it were to include streaming at that price I would have made the leap to penury. But I couldn't justify adding another couple to several grand for an additional streamer, not to mention the space requirements in a limited rack.
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I have had mine for a month.  Significant step up from the D-08u.  The DAC is so good that it replaced my Chord DAVE.