New silversmith fidelium cable

You need to try the speaker cable. It is a complete game changer in the audio industry. Probably the biggest improvement ever in sound quality and realism. These will impress audiophiles all over the world. 

Do we know what the revolutionary Fidelium alloy is made of?

Just curious.

They are in my system. 795.00 6’ pair. You can bend the connector in a u shape for tight posts on mono amps. Stereo amps easy fit. 
@fxman I would be interested in hearing about your system and how the sound of it is different/better than with the cables you were using previously.
Ed Shilling at Hornshoppe Horns has been making ribbon speaker cables for many years. When I had his speakers, I noticed his ribbon cables on a photo he used on his site and asked about them. Although he didn't advertise them, he said he'd make them for anyone who asked.

They were copper flat ribbon speaker cables, by the way. They didn't look as nice as these Fidelium cables and the insulation looked like something Mapleshade made: kind of loose and baggy.

If I didn't have my present SCs, I'd give these a try.

All the best,