New silversmith fidelium cable

You need to try the speaker cable. It is a complete game changer in the audio industry. Probably the biggest improvement ever in sound quality and realism. These will impress audiophiles all over the world. 
Here's hoping Jeff has a successful production run starting tomorrow. Plus, ships by the 15th.
FIDELIUM - The Silversmith Audio Group

Then, possibly the release of his Interconnects. Timeline on the IC's? If he is pleased with them to release/sell them-soon.

I run my ZMA direct with its variable gain. Discerning Digital Cables, IC's and Speaker cables are notable for me. I'm enjoying the Snake River Audio Boomslang, Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Gold and Silversmith Audio Fidelium Speaker cable combination. 

Time to do some tube rolling too. 

Room Treats ~ Michael Green & mine
Sony Transport
Snake River Audio Boomslang
Illuminati D-60
High Fidelity Cables Reveal
Shunyata Z-Alpha Digital Power Cord to DAC
Decware ZDSD DAC/Transformer output stage
Kimber Select KS1030
Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Gold RCA IC
XLO Pro Power Cord to ZMA
Decware Zen Mystery Amplifier (ZMA)/25th Anniversary Mods
Current tube roll: NOS Upscale Audio Ediswan 6922/inputs-NOS Upscale Audio THE Telefunken's E88CC 6922/inverters-Tung-Sol
quad 7027A/power tubes -NOS 0A3's
Kimber Select KS6063 Speaker Cables/8ft
Silversmith Audio Fidelium Speaker Cables/6ft
Acoustic Zen Adagio/Modified/Single Capped/ Mundorf MCap Supremes
Kimber PK-10 Palladian Power Cord from wall to PS Audio P3
DAC & ZMA run direct from High Current outlet/P3
Transport regenerated only
I got a pair of 10 footers yesterday (my rack is outside my speakers) after ordering earlier in the week. Great turnaround and shipping despite a nasty snowstorm in Wyoming. Box for cables was barely larger than a box of stick matches and weighed ounces. Cables were easy enough to connect albeit a bit awkward given their width and thinness.  First hour was ok, most likely because I had just fired up all my equipment. I know but I was impatient. 
Once everything got cooking I heard excellent detail, instrument separation was fantastic, bass very solid and fast. Upper frequency clarity is more than the MIT’s that I have been using. This is great for cymbals but maybe a tad less sweet on some digital source vocals. I am running the Magnepan 3.7’s with cardas jumpers(no resistors) on tweeters so the Fidelium may just be accurately carrying what is fed. Interestingly to divertiti’s comment it does seem I have to increase preamp volume a bit more than with the MIT’s, could just be imagination since I am not measuring but not an issue as my system is gain heavy. Absolutely love the “live” sound with my reference recordings. Piano and drums are amazingly dynamic. Looking forward to more listening today. Jeff has delivered an amazingly good cable. I would highly recommend an audition on anyone’s system given the price/value/sound ratios.

Pass Labs X250.8
Cary SLP-05 pre
Cary DMS-700 Streamer
Rega P8/Alphetta 3
Magnipan 3.7’s
assorted other stuff 

Nope pretty straightforward. They require a bit of finesse as these are like paper thin and about 3 inches wide. You can overlap them easy enough though which is what I had to do at the speakers. I had to buy 10 footers so now trying to come up with some nice cable holders to keep the closer speaker line from being a jumbled mess. Listening late last night was fantastic. Vocals drums and piano in particular are crystal clear, fast and so realistic in my system. I haven’t tried them with much rock yet but the jazz, acoustic, vocals and orchestra all sound wonderful.