New silversmith fidelium cable

You need to try the speaker cable. It is a complete game changer in the audio industry. Probably the biggest improvement ever in sound quality and realism. These will impress audiophiles all over the world. 
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Well Gowleeeee....Yet another thread where Chuckies little familiars attempt to assimilate

Well Gowleeeee....Yet another post where attacking others and disregarding the view points is much more important than contributing

I just wanted to add my two cents to this forum where I have been lurking for a while.

So based on all the buzz, I ordered the SS Fidelium downunder about a month ago and have been listening to them ever since.
These are the most transparent cables I have ever heard.

My first impression written down after receipt with the reference being a pair of Chord Company Shawlines (which IMHO are excellent value cables in their own right and about half the price retail). 

The sound is...interesting. Everything went up a notch or two.
It was immediately more holographic with the speakers seeming to disappear more than previously. High frequency instruments seemed to have more detail and body sounding more fleshed out.
The bass gained a level in terms of detail, tautness and impact.
Upgrading my speaker terminal connects produced further gains - I think this is an essential package deal purchase.

I then upgraded my power cables to a full loom of the ’NRG custom 5’ and saw scalar increases increases in harmonic texture, colour, high frequency sound and bass texture and 3 dimensionality, thought the biggest gain seemed to be in the treble. Once again the Fideliums seemed totally transparent to the improvements up the signal chain. Voices were a particular feature - gaining corporeal form in my living room.

Overall I am very impressed and delighted with the result, though my previous reference cable was quite modest compared to many of the reference cables people here are making comparisons to.

I have yet to hear how they compare in my system with the ultra high end of the cable world - I cannot comment on whether these stand equal with the esoteric top end in terms of pricing as many here claim (or refute).
wickymelb4   You ask about tara lab and stage 3. All great sounding cables. The SS fidelium cables perform on that high level at a reasonable cost. Why spend 8-10 times the money for small difference in performance. Witch is subjectively a choice to one’s ears. You can spend lots of money for cars and not get the same performance as many of lesser value. Tv flat panels are a great comparison. Look at oled pricing and performance compared to a few years ago. Enjoy the cables and save your money for retirement. 
Hi Fxman  -  I  am certainly aware of the hype that is repeated ad nauseam, but I want to hear if anyone has actually sat down and done the hard work of doing A/B comparisons with the best. 
if you want to see a good comparison of the silversmith fidelium cables go Google the review done by Greg Weaver he's been reviewing for 40 years and he put it up against his $18,000 reference cable that nothing has beat in the last 6 years and he said that the silversmith fidelium was better and he also compared it to his other cables in his cable stable from 6,000 to 11,000 and he said the silversmith fidelium was better than all of them.