New SL1210GR enroute. Need cart recommendations

I'm getting ready to send my Fluance RT85 back. It has the Ortofon 2M Blue. I've been using their preamp but I have a Vincent PHO-300 on the way. Amp is a Willsenton R8. Speakers are Joseph Audio RM25XL.

What should I be looking at for a cartridge? Who or where should I be looking as a vendor?

I don't listen to Rap or Classical but everything else is on the table. I'm sending the Fluance back because I had a new album (Amos Lee 45 master from Acoustic Sounds) with sibilance on two tracks. As I read about the possible causes of sibilance, it led to to different tables. The 1210GR seemed to be well regarded.

Thanks for any help. 


In my opinion, at that level of turntable and cartridge it is worth having someone with experience install and properly align your cartridge. Also, if your collection requires a mono cartridge I would suggest purchasing a second Technics headshell to facilitate switching cartridges without having to worry about alignment; the only necessary adjustment should be the counterweight.

Also, personally, I wouldn't bother with the DJ style cartridge if you simply play and listen to records. The Nagaoka you have ordered is generally considered to be far superior. The DJ cartridge is designed more for robustness than anything else.

I really liked the Hana SL when I had it on my SL 1200G. I now use an AT Art 9Xi.


I’ve used lots and lots of cartridges throughout 30+ years


years ago the DJ ones were very bland. No more

they sound great!




I couldn't find the nightclub mkii in stock so I settled for a goldring E3 until my other "high dollar cart" arrives. I received the new turntable on Monday. I like it. I received a replacement album for the one with sibilance. It's still there with this cart. At this time, I presume it's a pressing issue although, this is the first cart I've set up...

nightclub mkII discontinued. 

so is the Arkiv.


 That Elite is supposed to be something special, im waiting, and will probably grab one for just "hearing" my LPs'

they sound better than even my nightclub, they have redesigned many of these, the sound should better, per Ortofon sales pitch ? :)~

Im waiting for this Elite to papa !