New SL1210GR enroute. Need cart recommendations

I'm getting ready to send my Fluance RT85 back. It has the Ortofon 2M Blue. I've been using their preamp but I have a Vincent PHO-300 on the way. Amp is a Willsenton R8. Speakers are Joseph Audio RM25XL.

What should I be looking at for a cartridge? Who or where should I be looking as a vendor?

I don't listen to Rap or Classical but everything else is on the table. I'm sending the Fluance back because I had a new album (Amos Lee 45 master from Acoustic Sounds) with sibilance on two tracks. As I read about the possible causes of sibilance, it led to to different tables. The 1210GR seemed to be well regarded.

Thanks for any help. 


Fremer seemed to like the Elite Concorde in one of his recent Technics reviews

I finally received my Nagaoka MP500 from CDJapan. I ended up getting one already attached to a head shell. I haven’t tried it out yet. I’ve just ordered a new integrated amp, a Denon A110 that should be here within two weeks. I plan on using its internal phono stage and trying out the new cart when it arrives.

Since your Vincent PHO-300 seems to get along nicely with LOMC pickups I suggest going with the well reviewed on this forum Audio Technica AT33PTG/II. The default 100 ohm loading of your phono preamp will be optimal

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"I finally received my Nagaoka MP500 from CDJapan. I ended up getting one already attached to a head shell".

That does NOT mean it is properly aligned for your model turntable.

How much skill do you have mounting and aligning a cartrridge?

Do you have the few inexpensive tools to align it?



I put this together in another discussion.

Not meant to scare you, or anyone starting out, just to encourage everyone to learn, bit by bit, and acquire the simple tools and skills to change/align your cartridges after the first one is worn, (typically elliptical, avg. 250 hours play time.

If you get hooked on vinyl, which I suspect is a high probability:



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I’m a bargain hunter, I say ’inexpensive’ tools and these are them:

I put this together for a friend, I hope the links are still good



$15. ALIGNMENT DISC: one side: Lines for Overhang and Two NULL Points

ANTI-SKATE: other blank side: spin platter manually, adjust anti-skate control while watching,aps,120&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1

$14. TRACKING FORCE, Digital Scale,aps,67&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1

$10. AZIMUTH and VTA Alignment Block: clear actylic with Grid of Lines

$6. MAGNIFYING MIRROR to VIEW STYLUS (two). 3-1/2” DIAMETER, One: 10X; One 20x + 2 tweezers

$11. FLAT MIRROR to View Azimuth Reflection 4” X 6” X 3MM. Thickness of LP, place under the stylus, view from front, any deviation from straight will be reflected ‘opposite’.

$13. STYLUS CLEANING FLUID, Audio Technica

  1. CLEAN LPs

$50. MANUAL LP WASH SYSTEM (do batches of 10)

$9. INFANT SCALP SCRUBB BRUSHES (3). Scrub Dirty LP’s Vigotously, then rinse in above system,aps,77&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&smid=A2W58AXSS61W30

$13. OVERSIZED EYEGLASS CLOTHS, Dust LP ONLY IF Needed (13 pack). I DO NOT use a brush anymore. Place LP on platter, just lay cloth on, spin platter by hand while very lightly pulling cloth off the edge to remove surface dust, not push anything down into the grooves.


$6. ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL, 91%, 1 Quart


$14. STYLUS BRUSH, Carbon Fiber, Non-Slip Textured Handle,aps,65&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1



$13. ISOLATION PADS below Turntable, I wrapped my edges with black tape)

$__ CENTER WEIGHT, Disc Stabilizer. Size/Weight/Style Vary, how strong is your motor?



Rulers $6. Pair of Metal Rulers, mm and inches, starts on the edge of the ruler


$31. Finally, Removable Headshell with Azimuth Adjustment

You adjust it ONCE for your arm’s fitting which may be ’off’. Then, each time you use that headshell in that arm: before you tighten the headshell into the arm, there is very minor movement possible, you snug it up, double check it’s azimuth with the mirror, fully tighten

Some arms, like the Micro Seiki 505 have an adjustment of the fitting IN the arm, a very nice feature. I installed two of these, standard and long on a Luxman TT for a friend. Magnificent engineering

This one has unique base, others a simple hole and bolt below.

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Suppose you do not want to add weight on your platter, i.e. the Luxman Motor lifts the platter to reduce bearing wear.

These rubber gizmos hold reels on tape recorders. They are the same diameter as the TT platter spindle

You press them down, they stay holding the center and pull off easily when done.


you want one’s with flexibility, not dried out that have become rigid/brittle.

Above just for a visual example.

I have the techniics 1200 G. I am currently 

running the V D H  crimson Stradivarius.

Extremely happy with the results. Be

Patient and good luck.