New Soliloquys with spikes and hardwood floors

I'm a newbie so don't laugh. I just bought a pair of 5.3's and at 80lbs apiece, how do I keep them from burrowing into my livingroom floor?! On hardwood floors, should I use the spikes or something else to isolate them? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Mike.
Thanks all for your responses. I think I will try the coin trick first. That one will cost me less than a nickel.
To isolate there are pro-products for that or a DIY sandbox.

If you meant couple w/o damage to wood flooring...
coins dimple and that dimple tranfers a dent.So crazy glue a nickel with a penny on each side.

I've used fired pistol brass with Soliloquys tall long point.The head of pistol brass is thick and strong with a small center hole inside and nice bevel outside.
DIY! Get some "fender" washers from any hardware store. These are like regular washers, only with much smaller holes. Get enough of them so when stacked (and glued together with JB Weld) each spike sits in the hole but does not touch the floor. The spikes may settle in slightly so use one more than you think you need. I pimped mine out completely by spray painting them black to match my spikes and speakers.
I have not tried this, but I thought that maybe a piece of acrylic(or something similar) under the spikes would do the trick. A piece maybe the same size as the speakers or a little bigger. Sometimes you need to sacrifice a little sound quality and protect your property.