New Sony Hi Res Coming This Fall

Interesting article in USA Today my friend just sent me. I won't pretend to know how to add a link on here but I'm going to try it anyway. .
'vinyl-like listening experience' it claims. Why bother with anything but the 'real thing',

Maybe everyone isn't as enamored about carefully storing the medium, then cleaning it all the time to avoid the dreaded clicks and pops, then having to obsess about TT set-up, and cartridge status, and having to turn the thing over to get the other half of the music, and having to ensure that everything is again packed away carefully, and having limited availability to take out of the home environment, and use in other places, like a car or the beach, or, or.

Maybe. Seems some folks like to do things with their life and be able to enjoy some high res. Go figure.
I would like to see music on Blu-Ray. I would think Symphonic detail and dynamics should be much improved over SACD.