New Sony NS999ES is in.

It's a day old so it should improve but---

The CD player is competent, on par or perhaps a bit supperior to the Adcom/MSB combo. The SACD is better but not by a whole lot. But it is better. A touch more detail, and depth, etc.

What it does do is make listening to digital not Sux.

Vinyl still hold a serious edge but the gap has closed.

Oddly with the Sony the bass seems better with the CD.
Cymbals and all the air are only slightly better than the CD, and the Sony is slightly better than the antique Adcom, and newly improved MSB link.

So if your wondering about making the plunge, I say save your money for something else.

Will I buy SACD's in the future, you bet, will I replace existing recordings I already own, no way.

BTW I haven't yet done the 5.1 with it. That will come after Christmas.

cheers and Merry Christmas to all

Give it some time, Loontoon...

I have often been very much disappointed in new digital players, only to have myself really take to them after a few days(assuming you are playing it all the time). The first 100 hours often shows tremendous change.

SACD is clearly better than CD. I say that in terms of the foundation and the flow of the music. This won't be apparent on a boom box, but it doesn't take an ultra high end system to distinguish the improvements. When I say "foundation", I am directly going against the statement that CD bass is superior. Allow things to run - in, and you will experience the slam and solidity of the lower frequencies that CD is incapable of in all but the best players. I'm not necessarily talking about ultimate extension, but the entire spectrum up to the midrange.

But, in the final analysis, you are quite correct, vinyl done right is still superior.
Trelja the problem with your post is you state your opinions like they are absolutes.
One of the key pro-SACD members on Audiogon truly believes it to be better than vinyl if done with the right kit.
Lots of people,lots of opinions but really SACD is clearly better than CD?
Not even those who agree with that statement agree with your final statement.
SACD is noticably inferior to CD in terms of the years best new music-how much is available on SACD?
Being the owner of a 999ES, which I bought last Christmas ('02), I can confirm it does take a few hundred hours to sound its best - AND there are separate run-in periods for both the redbook and the SACD! The SACD will really open up after about 400 hours (approx) but will sound noticebly better after about 300 hours. Also, when you go into the audio set-up menu, look for the "CD audio" and change the setting from 16/48 to 24/96. You will probably want to set it at the latter, esp. if using an outboard DAC like I was. Enjoy! P.S. I think the SACD sounds great given the right recordings. "Most" sound better than their CD counterparts, some are equal and there are a couple that don't sound as good (Santana's Abraxus for one IMO). That is another thread, however:-) Enjoy. -Tony
Tony thanks for the balanced comments hopefully this will help the original poster,as will Trelja's.
Loontoon should also note if he does have some reservations about SACD he shouldn't discount SACD hybrid purchases in the future,most of these I've heard represent the best CD/redbook version available.
Ben_Campbell, you are the SACD Scrooge in this Christmas season.

You are quite sensitive when the topic of SACD is brought up. To the point where quite a high percentage of your opinions rendered here on Audiogon have to do with SACD. I for one, feel you have made your point(long ago), and have grown tired of it. It makes you look petty and resentful, and I know you are a better man than that.

As I have made statements regarding the superiority of SACD over CD, I have touched a nerve in you. You then feel obliged to say I am speaking in absolutes(which I am in some cases there). There is no problem with my post other than that which you have.

Do you want to argue that digital players need time to break in? If so, we'll go another round. Until then, have some egg nog, throw in a CD(or SACD, if you still have the player), and enjoy the holidays.
Bah humbug.
Trelja the sensitivity is all mine,unique in the world of Audiogon,such is life when you are a sensitive soul like me.
Of course the more observant Audiogon members will know my opinion on SACD and it must get boring.
Their day must be brightened up by the enlighting posts that the pro-SACD continually wheel out- gems like yours-the difference between you making a statement and me is?
SACD I would accept is probably superior at a level I personally haven't heard-that make you happy?
I say this despite others,many others who are far from convinced about the format,on all kinds of different levels.
Note yet again I refer to the original poster and tell him to still consider SACD's,even if only for redbook,the chances are he'll compare layers and maybe make his own mind up.
For the record most of my posts are on music.
As for break in-I have yet to be convinced totally about it.
Doesn't make you wrong.
Oh and I bought somewhere in the region of 30 SACD's this year-I've kept all the hybrids-which still amounts to 20.
Apologies for boring you.
Seriously-have a merry Christmas.
Ah, peace in the holiday season is a wonderful thing...

Merry Christmas, Ben and everyone else here at Audiogon!
My best,
Joe-we should all arrange a designated time where guys like ourselves and Rsbeck at a pre-arranged time on Xmas day sing John Lennon's Merry Christmas (War is over).
For this even we should wear home made T-shirts with the following printed across the front........


Best Regards

Ah, you see Ben, I knew you were a great guy.

I'm in Philadelphia, and I know you are in England. By any chance, are you near London? If so, we could simulcast, just like we did in LiveAid back in 1984. Of course, JFK Stadium is no longer here, but I could go to the corporate structure of greed(CoreState Center then First Union Center then Wachovia Center - we just call it the FU Center) where the Sixers and Flyers play and do it from there. Anyway, it's cold here now, and I prefer a nice, new, warm building over the splintered bleachers of JFK in the winter anyday.

I guess I will have to make my own T - shirt ala Johnny Rotten, and we can sort of meet on that bridge just like he and Steve Jones that fateful day. Yes, the SACD war is over(if we want it).

Seriously, if this format sticks around, which is VERY debatable, and enough software comes out to interest you, give it another shot with a friend's broken - in player. Of course, if you ever come to this side of the pond, you are welcome here anytime,
Joe I'm in Scotland which is a small country that suffers England,well nearly as much they suffer us.
But I guees in the States England also means the UK or Great Britain,anyway we've got the same leader.:-)
I still have my SACD player mate but I do plan an Audiogon tour of thre States,where I get to hear all your systems and drink all your beer!
Ben if you are serious about travel to the USA, I would love for you to make a stop at my home for some music and beer.

By the way, when I traveled to Scotland a few years ago with my wife, we toured the famous Whiskey makers. I only drink single malt scotch so the experience was wonderful.

I have fond memories of a pub where I got a soup, sandwich and crisps. I still long for more of that soup with barley, but don’t remember what it was called.
Albert any soup in Scotland made with barley is called a broth of which there are many variations but the most famous being Scotch Broth which is made with mutton others include Chicken Broth.
No immediate plans to get to the States but thanks for the offer-I have many Audiogon friends to see and buy a beer to make up for my opinionated nature.
I've said this before I don't like whiskey but drink American beer,it's a strange world.
And you like American beer, and you don't like SACD? Does anyone see a pattern here? : )

Yes that was a total joke, I like American beer too.

Happy Holidays everyone!

I've been wondering how the NS999ES sounds compared to some of the older models. Do you know if it would be much of an upgrade from the SCD777ES?

Ben,I suppose with a name like Campbell you'd have to live in Scotland! I'm just kidding!

If decide to tour our humble land I'd be glad to have you over. Although I'd have to a agree with Albert about the beer. I think the Germans do a better job than we do.

We do have several microbreweries in town. They should be able to keep you busy for a while.
Ben - drop by one of her Majesty's former colonies where you can get a decent beer this side of the Atlantic he says as he zips up his asbestos suit...
at home and i own s9000es.

i can tell that their SACD is very similar.
perhaps 777es has better bass.

on CDs there is a very big gap in favour of 777es.

still it sounds "mechanical".