New Speaker advice

I'm torn on new speakers...thoguht I would canvass this forum, which I have much respect for. I have done extensive auditioning at hi-fi stores, and am still torn! I do however have it narrowed down to the following:

1. Revel f206

2. Revel f36

3. Focal Aria 936

4. MoFi Sourcepoint 10

Initially, I was all in on the Revels because of how well the measure, particularly off axis, since I have an open concept living room kitchen that is wide. So the majority of my in store demos focused on them exclusively. To my surprise, I actually preferred the cheaper f36 models to the f206, perhaps due to the 1.8kHz crossover  between the tweeter and the top woofer, which is quite low...or perhaps it's due to the slightly higher sensitivity...or maybe it was just paired with a better amp. But regardless, to my ears, the f36 was just a more fun and exciting listen than the f206 which felt a bit bland and boxed in by comparison, despite being the better 'measuring' speaker. 

Being confused by the Revels in this way, I started exploring the Focal Aria line, and really enjoyed the Aria 936. Compared to the Revels, it sounded more 'exciting' to my ears...more forward without being fatiguing, big open soundstage and really nice texture. 

Recently, I auditioned the Mofi Sourcepoint 10 because, like many, I wanted to see/hear what all the hype was about. I was suspicious, even with Andrew Jones as the designer, with it being Mofi's first foray into speaker design...but I was honestly kind of blown away by them. 

At the moment, I am tempted by the Sourcepoints, but they are pushing my budget at over 3,500K with stands. To that end, the Aria 936 can be found in great used condition for around $2,500 and the Revel f36 for even less still.

Just curious if anyone has heard all of these speakers and has any feedback / insight? Or recommend anything at a similar price point. Attributes I'm looking for are: Open, airy sound but not too bright, great midrange (priority), and good off axis response (horizontal).

Current set up for context:

Vandersteen 3A, powered by Audio Research D-300, Denon 4700 as preamp, Topping D90 DAC, Sota Comet TT with Rega Exact cart and Parasound JC3 Jr phono pre.



Preamp with pass through. What is your digital source? Do you listen primarily to vinyl?  I bet the vinyl sounds vastly different to the digital. I have experience with 3A's and the D90. 

I love my F36 but they do benefit from a subwoofer. I have Focal 706 in a bedroom set up and they sound good too. Hard to go wrong with any of the ones you are considering.

At this point, forget the measurements and use your ears.  Except for the MoFi, the designs are all fairly similar, and it should come down to preference.

I am going against the flow here, but I have a friend with an older Denon AVR and I am always amazed at how good it sounds.  I have always thought Denon makes very nice sounding gear for its price points.

I'm a vandersteen guy but I will admit that older models can definitely sound rolled off in the highs. All the speakers you're looking at are great but I'd add a couple pairs of newer vandersteen in there too. For your budget, you can get a pair of their VLR CT bookshelfs, or a pair new pair of iOS. The new IIs are vastly different than the old ones. Carbon tweeter and highly detailed.